Quick note

Hey guys, I’m not dead, just busy with non-video-game-related stuff. Things will be back to normal soon, and when that I’ll post a bunch of reviews to games I’ve played recently, and unveil some exciting new stuff for The Day After. Thanks for your patience!

A straightforward refactoring

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been concerned about the intended audience. I’ve got posts on hardcore maths, and lots of posts on games and hardcore game design. While there is some overlap, I got to the point where I thought it’d work best if I split the blog in two. This blog remains the lion’s share of the posts – all my news, thoughts and descriptions of my creative projects, primarily Kung Fu Legends.

If you’d like to follow the mathematical stuff, shimmy on over to mathblog.brettwitty.net. I’ve ported the old articles (comments and all) over there.

And because I want to test out this funky new poll plugin: [poll id=”2″]

2010 in review

Happy New Year! Let’s review my blog’s first year of being…

Welcome to the new year! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years’ period. I did, and got a bunch of new gadgets (including a Kinect – woo!)

2010 was the first calendar year for this blog and I think I’ve done okay. There’s been a reasonable amount of traffic (and not just my friends/family/those I can bully into reading). ย I started up at the very end of March and get about 160 views a month. My server isn’t melting from the traffic, but it’s better than tumbleweeds ๐Ÿ™‚ The busiest month was August with 224 views. Strangely enough, April was busier (on average per day) but I think the stats program is screwy. Google Analytics provided some neat stats including:

  • There were (allegedly) 333 unique visitors [1. The Number of Half The Beast?].
  • About two-thirds read a single page and bounce out (not surprisingly for a blog)
  • About two-thirds of visits are repeat visits.
  • Most popular browsers (in order) are: Firefox (39%), Opera (19%), Safari (18%), Chrome (12%), IE (7%). Though I think these are skewed by Google Analytics being retarded and not recognizing my views (such as checking to see that a page renders correctly or just viewing the admin interface), and thus promoting my browser (Opera) unnecessarily.
  • Most popular mobile devices (in order) are: iPhone (48%), iPod (19%), Sony (13%), Android (10%), SymbianOS (4%), iPad (4%) and Blackberry (2%). Mobile browser views are a tiny percentage of total views, but I have support for them now, which I like.
  • Most referrals are from Facebook, my own site, some weird Chinese SEO site, and Creations of AmstradHero.

I’ve managed to get back into coding this year, as well as tabletop RPGs, which is neat. I’ve also played waaaaaay too much Team Fortress 2.

Anyway, here’s to an interesting, productive and creative 2011! Thanks for all the comments and eyeballs!

Small radar blip

I’m been on holidays for the last while, so sorry for the lack of posts. I didn’t want to announce that I’d be overseas for many weeks, because that’d just get me onย Please Rob Me (or similar site). I’m back now and unpacked (mostly… *shifty eyes*) I’ve also joined a tabletop RPG group and had my first game with them. I haven’t played non-computer RPG for over ten years, so it’s interesting to come back with new ideas and old habits. I’m also taking mental notes on the strengths and weaknesses of this style of gaming to inform my design decisions in Kung Fu Master.

On the writing side of things, I’m trying a new plan of attack. I want to finish the first draft of Breathe by the end of the year and my current method of “writing when I get to go on my rare retreats” is not working at all.

On the maths side of things (yep, my world is triangular ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), I’ve figured out the details on the next bit of my PhD exposition, so keep your eyes peeled for that.