The Gamer’s Guide to Australia Day

On Australia Day 2017, I thought it might be nice to look at some Australian games!

Australia Day. It’s a day to reflect on The Lucky Country. To fire up the barbie, set up the stumps for backyard cricket and listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. It’s a day to decide whether to eat a lamington or a pavlova for dessert, and whether a Tim Tam slam counts. It’s a day to reflect on our culture and multiculturalism. It’s a day to recognize the men and women doing their best to improve our country and the world.

Many Australians are gamers, and we’ve had a weird and wonderful history with games. I thought it might be neat on this day to point out a few Australian games, in case you need something Australian to do to escape the heat. So smear a Weetbix with Vegemite, pour yourself some Milo and wander through these games made in Australia or by Australians.

Caveat: In this multicultural and multinational society, what’s Australian and what’s not is hard to define. I figure these examples are close enough.
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