Office – alpha 1

I’ve been continuing to work on mimicking The Takedown in 3D with my own models.

I’ve been continuing to work on mimicking The Takedown in 3D.

Most of this has been learning to model 3D inorganic objects. I’ve done a small amount of texturing and rigging, and a bigger chunk of lighting. Everything here (except the obvious textures) were made by me. Which is why they are amateurish, but it’s starting to come together.

The Office
The Office

Things to Note and my own assessment

Everything is temporary at the moment. Most of the models need tweaking. The lighting certainly needs tweaking. The rendering is starting to come together (it takes a lot of effort to not have noisy renders).

While I’ve been using some rough measurements from the real world, the lamp and sidetable need rescaling.

The two monitors are the same model, but can be rigged to rotate into portrait mode.

Most of the light in the room is from the lamp, and the monitors. I don’t know why there’s a big circular spotlight behind the desk. Annoying. In later renders I’ll have a lot more fill light in the room to make it warmer and bring the colours out.

The lamp is much improved (compare). The lampshade is translucent and the ripple effect comes through better now. Plus I’ve messed with the materials so that the lamp looks shinier and the lighting effects have fewer hassles and overhead.

The keyboard has individual keys, but are not rigged to move because I am not insane. I know how to do cords for the keyboard and monitor, but I’ll leave that for later. The keys don’t have labels on them at the moment.

The filing cabinet drawers come out and have a little bit of hidden detail in the form of runners and document trays. I tried to replicate what I interpreted the handles to be in Alice’s original drawing, but I couldn’t make it work. I’d like to rig the drawers so you can pull them in or out (and if I’m fancy, have an extending support arm). The bottom of the cabinet needs another inch of base so it doesn’t look like it’s sunken into the floor.

Adding very lazy walls and floor improved the lighting dramatically. You get to see a lot of subtle effects (like the floor reflecting off the wall paint behind the right-hand leg of the desk). There’s no ceiling which might also improve things.

My materials are fairly simple and have a low-poly look. If I make a full piece of this, I’ll add some smudges and rough up some of the textures.

If you had any feedback, I’d love to hear it.