GM Review: We Be Goblins!

Our gaming group plays Pathfinder. We just finished the fourth module of Rise of the Runelords. Fortunately and unfortunately our regular GM runs a successful toy store and he needed to concentrate on the upcoming Christmas rush amongst other things, so we were putting Runelords on hold. We needed a GM so I stepped up to the plate. Continue reading “GM Review: We Be Goblins!”

The Day After Dev Report #25 – Minimal Units

I’m thirty-some years old and I’m still learning about my brain. In recent months I was all about the Twitterbots. I still like them, but in the last week or two my brain shifted a few gears suddenly and I was all about the main The Day After game. I guess it’s just my 8 year old brain (last week it was space, this week it’s ninjas) with 20 years of experience behind it.

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