The Day After Dev Report #20 – Model Citizen

I think the only thing I haven’t been good at lately is writing blog posts! It’s been an awesome, productive but busy few weeks (months?)


One of the biggest news is that I’ve gotten some 3d art commissioned and it’s awesome. Big Paw Games did the work, and were prompt, friendly and helpful. Here’s The Hacker, probably the most involved character design:


He’s fully rigged and textured, and the texture artist has done some amazing work.

Because The Day After is basically funded by my savings, I’m getting 3d models done slowly. Moreover, I’ve been too eager in organizing this, so I need to make sure my 3D pipeline works (that is, putting the models into the game).

Other than that, I need to secure more funds and get the business side squared away.


I’ve been poking around in my game code and making little changes. So that’s been going okay, but not gangbusters.

I’ve also been coding something really easy and cool, that has some promo capabilities and gets me into writing for the characters more.


I’ve been thinking about the game and the characters therein. You know, what does each character bring to the gameplay? For example, the Twins (who are sorta sidelined at the moment) bring a neat betrayal mechanic a la Bang!, Shadows over Camelot or Room 25. I think I have a good idea for that, which I don’t think I’ve seen before. It’s a betrayal mechanic, but not one that strictly screws over your team.

Other characters poke at different “rules” of the game:

  • The Cop puts tension into the “be violent and direct, or circumvent danger” mechanic. Most zombie games tend to encourage the former, or the latter just to mix it up, or give you a good chance to attack a zombie via stealth. I want to take it in a different direction.
  • The Spy puts tension on exploration. She’s good at it, but also doesn’t want people to poke around and uncover the Truth behind the catastrophe. She also puts tension on teamwork vs “what I say goes”.
  • The Doctor keeps people alive, but the tension is that they’ll become a fulcrum for who lives and who dies.
  • The Courier puts tension on “don’t split the party”. She excels when alone, but that’s way more dangerous.
  • The Scientist is our hook to the underlying plot.
  • And the Hacker… well he’s just all manner of trouble 😉

Having games with only a few of these characters gives each game a different flavour if I can tease out the gameplay mechanics and make each character’s addition noticeable.

This is a little tricky to do. Each character doesn’t have the same weight of gameplay on their shoulders. And can some subset of characters make for easier or harder games?

By the way, there are official Twitter accounts for the game and each of the characters:

They also have email addresses and will start to interact with the world a little.

The Short and Sweet

What I’ve been working on lately:

  • Commissioning awesome 3D art!
  • A little bit of writing

What I’m doing for the next run: pretty much more of that!

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