NaNoWriMo 2013

Okay, I’ve resigned myself to an insane, busy month. I’m doing Movember as well as attempting NaNoWriMo, while my parents visit and all sorts of other things go on. Oh and as well as my other projects. I might end up a wreck, but I’ll be a productive wreck.

I’ve decided to scavenge stories from two sources of mine: a story idea I had been kicking around, and a game I wanted to write one day called Synaptic. I’ve merged them and I’m working on Calliope, which is a novel in the Synaptic universe. Let me introduce it properly with my (poorly-written) synopsis:

Brian is a researcher working on medical devices. Months after his uncomfortable break-up with Mauve, a researcher in sociable machines, he receives a little present from her in the form of a USB stick. On it is Zip, a helpful AI assistant that tries to help him around the lab.

As he gets used to Zip’s odd-but-helpful presence, a mysterious book collector turns up unannounced to buy an heirloom book from him, but for dark, inscrutable reasons. This leads Brian into the bizarre world of Synaptic – a world behind the stage of the world, where information, intelligence and weirdness are the order of the day.

It’s a project of three themes: artificial intelligence, love and redemption. Weird mix, I know, but I have some cool ideas. It’ll probably only end up being a long novella rather than a novel, because I have no real idea where the story is going. I have a book full of ideas for Synaptic, so I’m stealing a few from there.

Keep track of my progress over on the sidebar. I had to start a few days late because of other commitments, so in my mind I might go a little bit into December – rules be damned!

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  1. Go the Mo! We should do a group photo – you reckon Dave could manage one? I’m picturing him as Brian Ferry.

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