Steam Sales Recommendations

The Steam sales have kicked off again. Here’s a very quick list of things I’d recommend – get them when they hit a price you’re comfortable with:

Bioshock Infinite
Possibly as good as shooters are gonna get for a while now. Go for the shooting, stay for the story.
Intentionally brain-bending puzzle game made by an Australian. The game design for the earlier puzzles is sublime.
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Fun, little creative game if you can get it cheap.
Hotline Miami
Horrifically violent game with a great hook and cool music.
Cool isometric beat-em up with some of the best narration ever.
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Super-dumb but hilarious surgery simulator. Even though it’s short, there’s lots of little easter eggs within.
A platformer MOBA without the life debt you need to pay to play Dota 2.
Chaos in space. Lots of depth for a simple game.
Payday and Payday 2
Heist simulators that are pretty cool, except for some slightly rough edges.
Rogue Legacy
Castlevania platforming with a constant upgrade ability.
Starseed Pilgrim
Arty, meditative platform puzzler.
Walking Dead
Fantastic horror game with great writing that will smash you like a sledgehammer.

If you have any hidden gems, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Steam Sales Recommendations”

  1. I highly recommend “Don’t Starve”
    Brilliant little crafting / building / survival game, done in a Tim Burton dark humour sort of style

    Also, this browser plugin is pretty handy around sale time:

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