PAX Australia 2013

PAX Australia 2013 kicks off this Friday and I’m a little bit excited. Folks have asked for recommendations on things to see. This is a little biassed towards my own proclivities – I’m all about indie game dev, tabletop RPG dev, gamer culture and don’t really care too much for the bigger industry stuff because I’m mostly on top of the news. To be honest, I haven’t been to a PAX (or large con) so your mileage may vary.


Apparently they give out a bunch of swag, so be prepared to hold onto things.

Strong recommendations

Penny Arcade Q&A
This is a good way to get a feel for the PAX culture. They usually put on a good show. Just don’t ask about dickwolves.
Soundbytes and MC Frontalot
MC Frontalot is a goddamn nerdcore rapping god. He’s great fun and should be off the chain. Soundbytes should rock out with some cool chiptunes. The concerts/omegathon on Saturday should also be good.
Watch everyday gamers playing a variety of games to see who is objectively the best 🙂
Good Game Q&A
They did a pretty interesting AMA on Reddit recently, so I think they’ll hold a good Q&A.
Johann Sebastian Joust
It is available to play and it is awesome.
PC/Console freeplay
They’ll have PCs, consoles and handhelds available to just chill out and play.
Tabletop area
Same thing as the PC/Console freeplay but with board games!
Tabletop RPGs
There’s a few panels on about D&D Next, writing modules and stuff like that. As far as I know, RPG dev in Australia is a fairly indie, solitary thing, so hearing from industry folk with decades of experience would be awesome.
Exhibition hall
Wander the halls, get free stuff and check out new games from the big players. Ubisoft will be showing off Watch Dogs which looks awesome. Microsoft will undoubtedly have an Xbox One display. Lots of PC gear manufacturers have booths so you can drool at the shinies.
Check out (but respect) the Australian cosplay scene. Some people are amazing at costumes.
Cookie Brigade
They hand out free cookies to people in line and collect money for Child’s Play. Go and say hi and get a free biscuit.

I’ll probably be heading to a large number of panels (depending on how hard it is to get in). If you find a game (PC, console or tabletop) and need someone to play with, gimme a yell.

See you at PAX!