Movember 2012: Turn it around

We’re one week into Movember and already people have been extremely generous. It warms my heart, it does. We’ve broken $300 in donations thus far, which is great. Hopefully we can keep it up for the rest of the month.

If you’re currently slapping your forehead and going, “Now I know what I forgot to donate to!” then just head on over to and sort it out, quick-smart. You can also see horrifying pictures of a proto-mo being created.

People are enjoying the Movember posters, and rest assured, there’s more coming. In fact, here’s one right now!

Depression is a killer... But Moustaches Can Turn It Around!

Models owned by Valve. Image made in Source Filmmaker. Arrangement by me, Brett Witty.

Feel free to point your friends here, or share the link/image on Facebook.