Movember 2012: The Medic

I’m fundraising for Movember 2012. To encourage people to send their money to a cause I believe in, I’ve decided to do a set of posters that are hopefully entertaining and a little educational.

Today we kick off with the first one: The Medic.

Doctors can help treat: bullet wounds, arrow wounds, pyrotechnical exposure, ingested rockets, spy-related spinal injuries, punched-out blood, depression, prostate cancer, general men's health. Help him help you. Support Movember at
Donations can go to Models owned by Valve. Image made in Source Filmmaker. Arrangement by me.

More to come over the month!

2 thoughts on “Movember 2012: The Medic”

  1. Nice one B 🙂 But where’s his mo’? I’m going for Movember too this year, though been a bit slow getting my campaign into action!

  2. @Duncan The slightly glib response is that I’ll grow the mo’, and he can do the medical stuff. The actual response is that I’m using Valve’s TF2 assets and I’m slightly limited by their lack of mo’s. Don’t worry, there are some on the way!

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