Week three! Not long ago I was worried if I could actually grow a moustache, and now I’m grooming one and trying to get it to not poke me in the nostrils.

Fundraising is at a great level – $635. However, donation frequency has dropped pretty significantly. My minimum goal this year is to beat last year’s collection of $765. I will certainly pop a monocle or two if we get to the secret goal of $1000. Now is the appropriately dramatic time to donate. I’ll even sing your praises to the opposite sex regarding the timeliness and generosity of your donation.

Head on over to mobro.co/BrettW if you’d like to help out.

Last week was a little busy, so unfortunately I couldn’t produce posters on my usual schedule. This one, however, is a monster. Oh did I say one? I meant TWO! TWO SEQUENTIAL POSTERS!

Models owned by Valve. Image made in Source Filmmaker. Arrangement by me, Brett Witty.

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