Movember 2012: Some Days…

Week three! Not long ago I was worried if I could actually grow a moustache, and now I’m grooming one and trying to get it to not poke me in the nostrils.

Fundraising is at a great level – $635. However, donation frequency has dropped pretty significantly. My minimum goal this year is to beat last year’s collection of $765. I will certainly pop a monocle or two if we get to the secret goal of $1000. Now is the appropriately dramatic time to donate. I’ll even sing your praises to the opposite sex regarding the timeliness and generosity of your donation.

Head on over to if you’d like to help out.

Last week was a little busy, so unfortunately I couldn’t produce posters on my usual schedule. This one, however, is a monster. Oh did I say one? I meant TWO! TWO SEQUENTIAL POSTERS!

Models owned by Valve. Image made in Source Filmmaker. Arrangement by me, Brett Witty.