We’re still trucking along with Movember. My moustache has been described as “getting dapper”, which is an upgrade from the previous “what moustache?”

CORRECTION: I had previously said today’s poster was both scatological and accurate. Unfortunately I was only right on the first bit. D’oh! Today’s homework (for me, and you if you like) is to read the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia‘s page on the prostate and actually get your organs correctly placed and referenced.

Medical inaccuracies aside, if you like the posters, feel free to share them with your friends.

Feel very free to donate to Movember at mobro.co/BrettW. Money goes to prostate cancer research and beyondblue, two worthy causes.

Prostate cancer is poo. Let's wipe it out! Support Movember at mobro.co/BrettW

Arrangement by me, Brett Witty, using GIMP.

My folks are visiting this week, so posters may be a bit slower than usual. I have a few neat ones in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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