The Latest

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not dead. Just busy beavering away. My main project work has been on a teaser trailer for The Day After. I got the voice acting in, and it’s pretty cool. The thing slowing me down is creating a video in Adobe After Effects that is up to snuff. Progress with video editing is pretty slow – you might do a night’s worth of work and get 6 seconds of video. Sometimes not even that – it’ll be 6 seconds of a corner of the video. Nevertheless I’m pleased how it’s coming out so far. Fingers crossed my design skills are decent enough.

Which reminds me, I need voice actors to fill out a background of chaos. You may need to scream, yell, cry, groan, growl or sound pained. Only a few seconds at most.  If you have access to a good microphone, and want to be in the teaser trailer, contact me. I’ll let you know what I need.

The new artwork is coming along. Alice has finished all the new characters and there’s some action scenes to come. I love love love the new characters. Some were really tough to work out. Some were almost Alice grabbing the images from my brain and putting them on page. I plan to update the site to showcase the new art (as well as fix some minor issues) as soon as the teaser trailer is done. Any week now.

If you want some great games to play while you wait for me to get my stuff together, try these:

  • The Secret World – Modern day MMO with excellent writing. It’s a nice blend of horror (standard and Cthulhu varieties) and conspiracy theories. The visuals are amazing. MMO aspects are standard, and maybe it’d do better as a single-player game. Nevertheless I’m having a ball going solo on most of the quests, and doing some with friends. The investigation quests are cool and have real puzzles that require you to think!
  • Argument Champion – A small game made for a weekend comp. You are a debater supporting a particular randomly-chosen topic. Using the concept web from MIT labs, you try to link your topic with things the audience likes. It’s crazy, reminds me of an Edward de Bono creativity exercise, but is neat fun. You’ll see most of the gameplay in this in five minutes, but it’s still interesting enough to play through to the galactics.
  • The Walking Dead – Oh my god. I’ve played a lot of Telltale Games before, and was getting a bit tired of them. The zany humour, the reuse of areas, the great voice actors with not much to work with. In The Walking Dead (based on the comics moreso than the TV series), they’ve fixed all that and made something quite special. The moral dilemmas are actually tough choices of conscience that have long-term impacts on your story, rather than “which powerup would I like”. The writing is dark and interesting. Puzzles are decent and it all hangs together really well. They’ve been collecting some very interesting statistics as well, though don’t look at them until you finish the episodes. Can’t wait to see more of this.
  • Team Fortress 2′ Mann vs Machine mode – All the awesomeness of TF2 with a horde mode. Robots are rushing in and trying to deliver a bomb to your base. So you need to stop them. Great emphasis on teamwork and tactics. Server selection is a bit wonky at the moment, and the game is hard as hell. But it’s still very fun and rewarding. Plus it’s free to play (or a mere dollar or so to play on the Valve servers and get lots of loot).