CD is a go

I’ve been toiling away for a little while and I finally have something to show you guys. My gaming outfit Cognitive Discodance has a website, and so does the game I’m working on. I’ll let them speak for themselves.:

Over the next little while, I’ll probably tweak these a little to fix bugs and add a little more polish.

2 thoughts on “CD is a go”

  1. A host of characters suggest themselves – hope those two on your site aren’t the only ones.

    The Handyman (building “super”, in americanese).
    The member-of-a-gang.
    The Meth Lab chemist.
    The Pharmacist – actually knows some science.
    The Secretary. Complete waste of space.
    The vehicle mechanic/hot-rodder.
    The urban survivalist, gold hoarder, conspiracy theory nutbar. Probably the most prepared of everyone.
    The smart psychopath. Perhaps a businessman or trader – the disaster didn’t affect him much at all.
    The martial arts/gym junkie. Owns a katana.
    The street kid.

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