Mass Effect 3 is out and bringing an end to a much-loved series. However with its arrival, there has been a growing chorus of dislike for the ending. So much so that people have started protests to “retake” the ending, protesting seemingly non-aggressively by making all proceeds go to Child’s Play.

I, however, liked the ending. I thought I might lay out some of my thoughts on the ending and this protest. I’m not really trying to persuade anyone. There’s just some interesting talking points.

For the love of God, if you haven’t finished Mass Effect 3, DON’T READ THIS BLOG UNTIL YOU DO. It’s going to be totally spoiler-tastic. You should judge the ending on your own terms, then join the discussion.

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I’ve been toiling away for a little while and I finally have something to show you guys. My gaming outfit Cognitive Discodance has a website, and so does the game I’m working on. I’ll let them speak for themselves.:

Over the next little while, I’ll probably tweak these a little to fix bugs and add a little more polish.