Poll: Project Name Duel, part Deux

I’ve been working away at my board-game-now-a-video-game game, with the working title “The Day After”. I’m starting to get some art and a website together, so I need to fix upon a final name. I was okay with the working title, though other people think it’s a little weak, which I concede. My girlfriend suggested the name “Aftermath”. I’ve been toying about with variants on that – “The Aftermath”, “<adjective> Aftermath”… “The Day Aftermath” 😉

In case you didn’t know, I’m working on a multiplayer video game (with a board game aesthetic). The city has fallen into chaos after citizens go on an inexplicable homicidal rampage. You are one of a band of survivors who need to cooperate in order to survive until being rescued, potentially exploiting the situation for your own gain or perhaps uncovering the truth behind this disaster. I’m aiming for a survivalist horror feel somewhere in the ballpark of zombie films, natural disaster films and The Day of the Triffids.

This is where you come in. I need to decide on the name for the game. Have your say via the poll, or suggest alternatives in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Project Name Duel, part Deux”

  1. 28 Days La-oh wait.

    I actually like The Day After. Plus it Acronyms well – TDA – which you can’t really say about “A”.

    What about just “After”?

    (plus obligatory “Who’s your girlfriend, have you told Karly” comment)

  2. heh. Can’t have 28 days of waiting with today’s Facebook generation! Tomorrow at worst!

    Yeah, I’ve been using that acronym in my dev and I like it. Aftermath could be “Bloody Aftermath” (BA) or something like that.

    “After” feels like half a title. Maybe if I was proper indie and gave it mandatory punctuation (like “After…” or “After!”, to go old-school science freak movie-style.)

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