A retro-spective on Outpost

I’ve been hanging out at my folks’ place for a little while and the other day, amidst welding machines, hammers older than me, and dog biscuits, I found my old copy of Outpost, still in its original box. Outpost was an old Sierra game from 1994 (or thereabouts). It’s interesting to see how the artifact of a game (the box, the manual, the storage media) has changed so much.

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Poll: Project Name Duel, part Deux

I’ve been working away at my board-game-now-a-video-game game, with the working title “The Day After”. I’m starting to get some art and a website together, so I need to fix upon a final name. I was okay with the working title, though other people think it’s a little weak, which I concede. My girlfriend suggested the name “Aftermath”. I’ve been toying about with variants on that – “The Aftermath”, “<adjective> Aftermath”… “The Day Aftermath” 😉

In case you didn’t know, I’m working on a multiplayer video game (with a board game aesthetic). The city has fallen into chaos after citizens go on an inexplicable homicidal rampage. You are one of a band of survivors who need to cooperate in order to survive until being rescued, potentially exploiting the situation for your own gain or perhaps uncovering the truth behind this disaster. I’m aiming for a survivalist horror feel somewhere in the ballpark of zombie films, natural disaster films and The Day of the Triffids.

This is where you come in. I need to decide on the name for the game. Have your say via the poll, or suggest alternatives in the comments!

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The Long Tail

I was visiting my local board games and RPG shop. I went upstairs to check out the RPG gear and noticed there was some new Magic The Gathering gear. When I was younger and nerdier, I was all into Magic The Gathering. It was a new thing then, so I could kinda keep up with it. Then I grew out of it (and the hobby grew beyond my meagre spending cash). Now I’m older, wiser and richer so I thought, “Heck yes, I should buy some starter decks and give it a go and see how the game has changed.” But then I looked at what was on display. “Focus decks” with particular themes or something. Two new product lines and no real distinguishing information on either. I read the back and it was all about quests and things that made no sense to me as a tabula rasa for Magic. I asked the dude behind the counter, told him when I last got into Magic and wanted to know what these things were, using the words I knew like  “Starter deck”. What I got back was a bunch of terms that again made no sense to me. Magic has moved on and I’ve been left behind. So I left with less of an idea than I came in with, and the same amount of money. Continue reading “The Long Tail”