A Valve Release – II

So I promised to talk about Steam and Valve’s foray into microtransactions. Since the last installment I’ve finished Portal 2 again and played a bunch of other games. The Internet has died down and I’ve lost all the steam for my rant (pun somewhat intended). So I’ll keep this short: I think Steam is one of the best things to hit PC gaming in a long time, microtransactions are a thing that will only get more popular, and for the most part, I like how Valve has approached Steam and microtransactions. I’ve bought a few things for TF2 through impatience to get new weapons, or a willingness to donate to a good cause. I’ll probably never buy anything in the Portal 2 store. As a contrast, I dislike Bioware’s approach to DLC of Day 1 DLC and charging for every little add-on. Weirdly I think DLC should be free, but cosmetic changes you should charge for.

To be honest, it’s too good and interesting a time to worry about trolls and well-intentioned disagreements. We have indie developers selling two million units through outlets built with their own two hands. We’ve got Triple A devs trying new things. It’s a time for creativity and exploration. I should be creating, not ranting. And so off to the drawing board I go!