Re-engineering the world

I discuss my design iterations for the game entity system for Kung Fu Legends.

Dev work on Kung Fu Legends has been chugging along. I’ve got the engine into a state where it’s not finished, but the important components are there. Sound, input, the user interface system and basic graphics are all implemented. You can work on the engine for the rest of your life, adding more bells and whistles, and polishing it all to a lustrous shine. But I need a game. I’ve put the game engine on hold until I get more done on the game itself.

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What’s in a name?

Two stories about crazy coincidences and the titles of my projects.

A few years ago I was in Brisbane doing research for my novel Breathe whilst ostensibly on holidays. What better thing to do whilst on holidays but browse a bookstore? During my familiar circuit of favourite sections, I came across this gigantic blue sign for An Important New Book. The new book was Tim Winton’s Breath. The blood drained from my face. In my fanciful moments I dreamed of being published and my books being found in the W part of Australian Fiction, right next to Tim Winton. But now he had a book out with a name dangerously close to mine. And he had a last name close to mine. The most salient difference was that he was published and famous, and I was just some guy standing in front of a sign in a bookstore, feeling outraged.

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