Call for support

Currently my old stomping grounds – Brisbane – is being massively flooded. When I say massive, imagine the entirety of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma were flooded. Or for those in Europe, close to all of France and Spain. About 50,000 homes across the state are without power and about 20,000 homes will be destroyed by the floods.

Brisbane is a place close to my heart. I spent many years there for university and made great, lifelong friends there. It’s the location of my novel, Breathe. Such a shame to see it being swept out into the Pacific Ocean.

So please, if you can, donate some cash to the flood relief appeal. It’d be greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Call for support”

  1. I’m going to be controversial and potentially disagree with you. Not that victims of the flood damage don’t require help, but just that this is something that insurance followed by the government should be doing. We’re a first world country; if we have money to donate it can do far more good by donating it to foreign aid where $1 will buy food for a day.

    I’m in Brisbane myself, and yes, it is crazy bad here, so I’m certainly not keen to direct money away – I just think that broadly this should be supported through taxation rather than individuals. (But perhaps that’s just not going to happen…)

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