A good kind of collapse

Some observations and experiences in simplifying board game mechanics, as well as some more details about my board game.

Structure is a funny thing. In my mind’s eye, when I think of “structure” I think of buildings whether I mean structure in an architectural way, an algebraic/mathematical way, or a game mechanics way. A sprawling structure is something like The Winchester House – rooms and corridors going in all directions, linking to each other in innumerable ways. Those with a mathematical background might want to think of the tree of elements of the free group on a few elements.

Structures collapse when bits of the structure coincide with other bits (quite literally when a building collapses!) In algebra we collapse structures by saying a bunch of things that we previously considered separate are the same thing. Recently I’ve experienced a bit of game mechanic structures collapsing and thought it might be interesting to explore. Don’t worry, I won’t bring up any more architecture or algebra.

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Art is hard

I talk about the art design in Kung Fu Legends and show some alpha 3D sketches.

Progress on Kung Fu Legends is slow because of my need for art. I want to be able to work on having 3D models to put into the game. I want 3D models to be able to mock up some artwork for the website. Unfortunately, I’m no artist, and my wallet is no fund for artists. I’m also in a design phase where I have an art style in my head that I want to work towards, but I don’t have the sketching or art-language skills to convey this to a proper artist. Nevertheless, I’ve given some of the art design a go.

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Mobile considerations

This blog is now set up to be mobile-savvy. It works nicely on my Android phone. Let me know if you have another form of phone that it doesn’t work well for and I’ll look into it.