Yep, we have a pulse!

News on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

Sorry for the delay in posts. I’ve been madly applying for jobs or being overseas. The upside of the latter bit is that I’ve had time to think about Kung Fu Legends and my board game, The Day After. I’m very close to having a prototype for the latter. Kung Fu Legends has stalled a little because I wanted to get some minor artwork done. I have a strong idea about the art style I want to try, so it was a matter of implementing it in a 3D program (which I have to do because my drawing skills aren’t great). My two options were Blender 3D or Animation:Master. Blender has the benefit that it is free and has a more active support and development community. Too bad the interface sucks the proverbial monkey’s. I don’t care how able you can be in 3 years, I want to get up and running now. It’s such a break from every other control scheme that you have to mentally change gears whenever you get into the Blender window.

Animation:Master has the opposite problem: very intuitive tools for modelling, although the community is much smaller and there’s less support for it. I’m also already versed in it from my undergrad days of fooling around in 3D animation. I’ll sort something out, but it’s a pain.

The Day After is getting more solid. I have a set of rules, which are much more simplified than the implied rules I had when I was messing about with ideas. There are some balance issues that I have to think about (I need a nice way for the game to scale with the number of players). I tried to do some Monte Carlo modelling of the game but ran into issues with things that rely on intelligence or emotion. For example, you are a bunch of survivors waiting for rescue. You need to achieve a few goals before rescue arrives, and when it does, you have to be there waiting for it. Monte Carlo simulations are fine when you can just randomly do stuff, but I needed to model a game being played in its entirety. Not sure whether I should push on with the model, or just try it out on willing victims friends.

For the maths folks who visit, I’ve almost got the next installment in my thesis ready for publication. I just need to clean it up.