TADS 3 Debugger tutorial

I’ve been beavering away at my projects lately with not a lot of interesting news thus far. Nevertheless I’ve taken a bit of time on the side to write up a tutorial for using the debugger in TADS 3 Workbench. TADS 3 is an interactive fiction programming language that I’m quite proficient at, and a bunch of people wanted guidance on using the debugger, so here we are.

As a project update, Kung Fu Legends has moved into some deep design phase for the underlying simulation. The Day After is still waiting on action cards. Breathe still tickles the back of my brain. And my other projects sit on the backburner, as always.

Week off wrap-up

Taking last week off worked out pretty well. While the results weren’t particularly pyrotechnic, it was a good way to get the majority of my Kung Fu Legends game engine out of the way. I managed to get the splashscreen working (even with multiple pictures, fade-to-black transitions and skip-ahead-on-keyboard-mash). MyGUI is a reasonably good GUI library. Sure some of the source code comments are in Russian and certain whole class hierarchies are only in the documentation if you know about them already, but all-in-all I got it working and it’s neat. Beats the hell out of programming all that stuff yourself. I also got to work on the details of the actual game Kung Fu Legends. Nothing to show for it yet but steady as she goes.

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I’ve put up two pages on my recommended reading for maths and game design. I thought of doing one for general programming, but the recommendations weren’t particularly insightful (just C++ reference books and websites, the Art of Computer Programming etc). Hope you find something of interest in those two pages.