A different approach to items

Items are easily liquidated in most RPGs, especially MMORPGs. The main reasons for this are utility, efficiency and flexibility. It allows you to sidestep the minutia of item-for-item bartering, and incrementally build up a fortune. But as with most game mechanics, this is firmly anchored to the one true indicator of progress: the character’s level. Continue reading “A different approach to items”

Pen and paper RPGs vs Computer RPGs

Rock Paper Shotgun have a nice article on traditional RPGs vs computer RPGs. If I can get my narrativist RPG Kung Fu Legends up and running, I’d be interesting to see how it went on this debate (old and silly as it is).

Maybe you’ll get a purity scale for RPGs, with old school first edition D&D players way way over on the far right.

Kung Fu Legends

As Yahtzee pointed out in his review of Dragon Age: Origins, we’re in a weird situation if there exists (without irony) the concept of a “generic fantasy game”. Even moreso when that phrase is basically equivalent to “action- and statistics-oriented role-playing game”. Seems like it’s time for people to try something a bit different, and that’s the point of my project Kung Fu Legends. Continue reading “Kung Fu Legends”