Slight Repurposing

Category: News, Programming, The Day After

At the risk of eliciting cries of “Oh ya mug!” I’ve made a change to my projects. Whereas before I was steaming away on┬áKung Fu Chronicles (aka Kung Fu Legends aka that-Kung-fu-game-you’re-making), I’ve shifted projects and priorities around. I’ve discussed before some of the game engine stuff I had been working on. As a proof […]

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A Valve Release – II

Category: Games

So I promised to talk about Steam and Valve’s foray into microtransactions. Since the last installment I’ve finished Portal 2 again and played a bunch of other games. The Internet has died down and I’ve lost all the steam for my rant (pun somewhat intended). So I’ll keep this short: I think Steam is one […]

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A Valve Release – I

Category: Games

So Valve Software recently released their much-awaited sequel to Portal. Before its release they published a number of in-house generated trailers, and promoted the release with an alternate reality game. The game came out, the critics almost universally loved it, but on Metacritic, the forums and blogs there seemed to be general ire against the game and Valve in particular. I’d like to explore this to get a feel of the current games market and blow off some steam on Portal 2, the ARG, Steam and Valve themselves.

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Jamais vu, a synaptic misfire of creativity and the quiet churn

Category: Board games, Games, Kung Fu Chronicles, News, Synaptic, The Day After

I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been working hard on my games. I talk a bit about Kung Fu Chronicles, a burst of creativity, and my board game.

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A Bumper Year

Category: Games

There’s gonna be a lot of awesome games out this year!

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The Surface of Art

Category: Games, Philosophy

I wax a bit philosophical about Art and its relation to video games. This was prompted by Brian Moriarty’s “Apology for Roger Ebert” at GDC.

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Re-engineering the world

Category: Kung Fu Chronicles, Programming

I discuss my design iterations for the game entity system for Kung Fu Legends.

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What’s in a name?

Category: Kung Fu Chronicles

Two stories about crazy coincidences and the titles of my projects.

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The Player-Character Divide

Category: Game Design, Kung Fu Chronicles, RPGs

The tension at my end of the table was incredible. Here I was, for once the only party member who had an inside scoop on what was going on, but I faced that one make-or-break question from the DM: “Well, dude, you made a decision how you’re gonna play this?” Rewind a little. Our adventuring […]

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A straightforward refactoring

Category: News

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been concerned about the intended audience. I’ve got posts on hardcore maths, and lots of posts on games and hardcore game design. While there is some overlap, I got to the point where I thought it’d work best if I split the blog in two. This blog remains […]

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