UPDATE: Fixed some stuff and talked more about panels!

Well I’m back home after a mega weekend at the inaugural PAX Australia. I had a bunch of fun but am tired as hell. (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

PAX Australia 2013 kicks off this Friday and I’m a little bit excited. Folks have asked for recommendations on things to see. This is a little biassed towards my own proclivities – I’m all about indie game dev, tabletop RPG dev, gamer culture and don’t really care too much for the bigger industry stuff because I’m mostly on top of the news. To be honest, I haven’t been to a PAX (or large con) so your mileage may vary. (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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The Steam sales have kicked off again. Here’s a very quick list of things I’d recommend – get them when they hit a price you’re comfortable with:

Bioshock Infinite
Possibly as good as shooters are gonna get for a while now. Go for the shooting, stay for the story.
Intentionally brain-bending puzzle game made by an Australian. The game design for the earlier puzzles is sublime.
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Fun, little creative game if you can get it cheap.
Hotline Miami
Horrifically violent game with a great hook and cool music.
Cool isometric beat-em up with some of the best narration ever.
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Super-dumb but hilarious surgery simulator. Even though it’s short, there’s lots of little easter eggs within.
A platformer MOBA without the life debt you need to pay to play Dota 2.
Chaos in space. Lots of depth for a simple game.
Payday and Payday 2
Heist simulators that are pretty cool, except for some slightly rough edges.
Rogue Legacy
Castlevania platforming with a constant upgrade ability.
Starseed Pilgrim
Arty, meditative platform puzzler.
Walking Dead
Fantastic horror game with great writing that will smash you like a sledgehammer.

If you have any hidden gems, let me know!

Wow, it’s another fortnight already? I’ve been doing more engine work, research and non-game stuff, but it doesn’t feel like two weeks! (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

Some good programming work done this week, despite busy-ness. Beware, this is a slightly long and involved post on very many topics! (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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Two steps forward… one spin around on the spot? (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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I do a bit of RPGing, primarily with the Pathfinder system. We’re moving onto a new campaign soon, so I thought I might share the character I intend to play. (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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A little bit of actual progress this fortnight! (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

I was reading Tales of the Rampant Coyote the other day (great blog for indie game devs, by the way). They had ten tips for indie devs, which were all sensible suggestions, although not too surprising. But the point of those articles is to remind you of aspects of the job.

One that stuck out for me was to post periodic updates about your progress. I tend to mention obliquely my progress on my game The Day After every so often, but I think it’s time to change that. I find myself talking to friends about current progress but being vague about it. That needs to change. (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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Whoa, it’s March already. March 2013, even! I keep getting an embarrassing reminder of time every time I open Tweetdeck and see declarations that I was going to smash out The Day After in 2012.

Don’t fear, I am working on it. It’s just slow progress that usually doesn’t lend itself well to blog posts. I have some new (AWESOME) artwork to show off, but I need to do a bunch of boring things like tweak the website and fix this blog theme – I’ve lost my love for this WordPress theme and am convinced it mangles posts with pictures. *sigh*

So what have I been working on? (Click here to read the rest of this entry)

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