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A retro-spective on Outpost


I’ve been hanging out at my folks’ place for a little while and the other day, amidst welding machines, hammers older than me, and dog biscuits, I found my old copy of Outpost, still in its original box. Outpost was an old Sierra game from 1994 (or thereabouts). It’s interesting to see how the artifact […]

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Poll: Project Name Duel, part Deux


I’ve been working away at my board-game-now-a-video-game game, with the working title “The Day After”. I’m starting to get some art and a website together, so I need to fix upon a final name. I was okay with the working title, though other people think it’s a little weak, which I concede. My girlfriend suggested […]

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The Long Tail

I was visiting my local board games and RPG shop. I went upstairs to check out the RPG gear and noticed there was some new Magic The Gathering gear. When I was younger and nerdier, I was all into Magic The Gathering. It was a new thing then, so I could kinda keep up with […]

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