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A Sisyphean potter

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I’ve been a bit sick lately, so instead of going out and having fun, I’ve been cooped up inside. On the upside, I’ve been writing Kung Fu Legends code. So far I have the main GameManager, Options, Graphics, Input, Event management and some testing frameworks set up. I gave the UI a good Harvard try, […]

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Laying concrete


So despite my recent blue-sky posts, I have been writing actual honest-to-goodness code for Kung Fu Legends. I’m working on the boring bit at the moment which is getting all the helper libraries set up and working. Currently I have options, logging and graphics subsystems primed and running. I had to rewrite and refine a […]

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Motivations II

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In my last post I discussed a few ideas I had rolling about for motivating players to play my (currently vapourware) Kung Fu Legends. It was focussed on intrinsic motivation – ways inside the game to make players play more. Now I want to talk about a few ideas I had for extrinsic motivation – […]

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Motivations I

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I’ve been sick all week ┬áso I’ve had lots of time to read and think (and cough and sleep). Recently, Chris Hecker posted notes on his Game Developers Conference talk “Achievements Considered Harmful?” Apart from being responsible for some of the awesome tech in Spore, Chris Hecker is working on a game I am dying […]

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