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So what kind of game *is* Kung Fu Legends?

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When you introduce a game to someone else, you tend to break it down for them by genre, setting and then maybe add in the gimmick that sets it apart from the rest. We all have an idea of what it means for a game to be a platformer, a first-person shooter, a third-person shooter, […]

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Ghost story addendum

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People enjoyed the little ghost stories I retold during my retreat. Here’s another that freaked the hell out of me.

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Writing Retreat Wrap-Up

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So I’m back from Varuna (and braved the chaos which is returning to work ) My week away was quite pleasant and productive. I did a reading of my first two chapters, which got a good response. I wrote about 9,000 words, which is less than my usual target of 10,000 in a week, but […]

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An Active Imagination


I’ve been on a few writing retreats now and one thing that has struck me is that writers, no matter their preferred genre, love to tell a good ghost story. I enjoy them as they have that simple but effective approach to storytelling. However, I’m not too proud to avoid mentioning that it freaks the […]

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